Kiwiblog joins fake news Media when it comes to Trump

Joining other blogs where ones own ego surpasses many of the readers expectations of reasonable commentary, David Farrar and his boy blunder moderator Batman have joined the realm of fake news when it comes to U.S. politics.

Having been a regular reader up till recently, Kiwiblog has excellent commentary on New Zealand Politics. But so filled with TDS, the site is no longer bordering on the ludicrous, they have jumped in the deep end of the nonsense pool.

Farrar even tried to change the acronym TDS to Trump Denial Syndrome or something equally as childish as his moderators pseudonym.

So after reading fake news after fake news about Trump on Kiwiblog I thought it a good time to debunk the latests codswallop.

Lets start with the opening line “Donald Trumps attempted coup against American democracy has failed” whilst Farrar ultimately may end up being correct, this battle is far from over.

He goes on to call the legal team incompetent and/or mad. And in his usual way, picks someone who may like Trump but who has said something bad about Trump, ergo Trump is bad and every thing said about Trump must be true.

A bit like calling fallen soldiers loosers…um no he didn’t David

Anyway lets go on debunking this latest tripe.

Farrar states, “One lawyer was so crazy, she was even too crazy for Trump. That was Sidney Powell who claimed the Republican Governor of Georgia was in a conspiracy with the dead Hugo Chavez and the CIA to steal the election from Trump.”

Good Grief, maybe you should get your super hero moderator to fact check your articles Mr. Farrar. Smartmatic software and its future owners did originate in Venezuela and was used to help Hugo Chavez win elections. So how batshit crazy is Powell stating the truth.

Also she was never part of the team, she has her own crusade and Trumps team are supportive of this. They are working side by side. There are enormous amounts of people coming forward with evidence and this may be disinformation, but it is something that needs investigating given the obvious anomalies of the election. oh that’s right there weren’t any anomalies were there…?

Again I must state that this doesn’t mean Trump will over turn the election, but claiming it is over and that his team are crazy is just bullshit emanating from an “Orange Man Bad” team

Next he goes on that Trump told everyone he was going to steal the election….I don’t even know if that needs to be debunked, just read it and ask yourself does that sound like the claim of a reasonable commentator.

Trump said that mail in voting is susceptible to fraud and is a claim that is backed up by multiple election fraud convictions, and even a bipartisan report commissioned in 2005 by the Commission on Federal Election Reform. This was chaired by former president Jimmy Carter who quoted “Absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud.”

Now we get to how trump was going to steal the election. It is not Trump on trial here David. It is the obvious impropriety that only someone who trembles Themselves to sleep at night, in fear of the Orangeman, could claim didn’t exist.

He claimed victory on election night because constitutionally election day is 1 day. He made it clear that they better not find a whole lot of votes at 4am. Oh and what happened in the middle of the night. In one case alone in Montgomery County Pennsylvania, Biden received over 95% of 90,000 votes dumped a little after 9am, but the total vote tally only increased by 9,000. For someone who relies on statistical evidence, it is baffling how these anomalies could be ignored. but hey TDS moves in mysterious ways.

“No Proof of fraud,” David claims. ill just leave that one where it is too, as it wont be long before this is debunked more than a flat earther on a round the world flight.

Whether it turns the election we still do not know. But anyone who doesn’t recognize the anomalies, might struggle to recognize themselves in the mirror – perhaps take the superhero costumes off boys, it might make it easier.

Trump has not filed 36 lawsuits, this is just total BS. His legal team has only filed a few, and is yet to file the important ones. By far most of the lawsuits have been from private organizations, and given that the reality of much of the judges presiding, the results have not been overly surprising to the team. Also many have been dismissed as there is other ways for the applicants to seek relief.

Next he says that Repulicans have been pressured to not certify results. Pressure goes both ways, i’m sure there has been pressure for Republicans to not certify and there has also been threats made to Republican’s to certify. Threats of harm to them and their families have come to both Republican’s and also Emily Murphy from the GSA.

Convenient to forget that side of things isn’t it. The fact that threats are being made to people to get on with putting Biden in the Whitehouse. Did Gore get this treatment 20 days into his attempt to win the election through the courts

And the blogs last point is correct, that the plan is to get Trump elected by state legislature declaring him the winner. However it is only brazen if you ignore the fact that there was enormous anomalies in the election on the night. If you choose to “see no evil hear no evil” then of course this is a brazen coup. But if there has been wide spread election fraud and many votes are fraudulent, then it is only fair that the votes get properly audited and fraudulent ones ruled out.

How is an audit ruling out fraudulent votes a coup exactly? Trump has said if a proper audit shows legal votes were in Biden’s favor, then he will concede.

“So Trump’s coup has failed. He will go down in history as the worst President in the history of the United States, and also the biggest sulkiest loser. But his tactics have done massive damage. He has set the stage for someone smarter and more competent to try and do the same in future.”

Sounds like someone talking about their boyfriend who just dumped them really

Trump got more votes than any sitting president in history, he received a vote of confidence of 57% of the public saying their life has improved under Trump in a recent Gallup pole. He achieved higher income for Americans than the past 20 years combined with his tax cuts and received more votes from minorities than any Republican before him. So more Blacks, more Hispanic and Asian Americans voted for Trump and less did for the Democrats, started a trend that the Democrat party is heading towards being the party of the White man. Which it always used to be by the way.

Do your research David we didn’t read your blog to be told what the Washington post and the New York Times was spinning. However it is your blog so do what you please and I will continue to debunk the obvious falsehood’s when I do read Kiwiblog.

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