Kiwibuild moves in mysterious ways

2022 ‘worst time’ for first-home buyers in 65 years

When they say worst, they don’t mean it’s a bad time to buy, it is the most difficult time for fist home buyers to get into the marke for at least 65 years.

Add another record to Ardern’s collection. She will need to change her Disc Jockey name to DJ Depression. How ironic that she took the spin from records, to record spin in Government.

Sorry about all the DJ jokes but ACT have used a Planet B Media meme as part of their social media advertising and now we can’t help but milk the jokes.

I’m still sniggering that the J stands for Jockey, I’ve heard of putting the cart in front of the horse but when the Jockey is also the horse, there is no wonder things are so un-stable.

Ardern walks into a bar, the barman says why the long face. Life is at bit of a mare at the moment.

Here is our meme and I must admit ACT tidied it up nicely

Here is ACTs go

Pity she was no good at being a DJ as she may have spared us her presence in parliament.

You could win an election feeding back Ardern’s words to her

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