Labour – Governing by Deceit and Mistruths

By Clive Jackson

Two of the first lessons we teach our children are-

  1. Tell the truth. 
  2. If you make a mistake, admit it. 

Jacinda Ardern became Prime Minister in 2017 as a young, educated, soon to be mother, a role model to young New Zealanders, with a promise to the country to have the most transparent government we have ever seen. Sadly this has turned out to be just another of her many lies and mistruths. She is definitely not the role model I want for my children and grandchildren. 

Just a couple of days ago when questioned on whether we could run out of vaccines she stated – 

“We are not running out of vaccine” but when questioned further she said – 

“worst case scenario we would revert to our earlier planned vaccination programme”.

Seriously? Is anyone actually taken in by this?

What this means is that if they look like they are running out they will start to restrict the numbers they vaccinate. In fact it is already happening. Some people over the last few days have had their vaccination bookings canceled. Just more deceit. 

Why is it Ardern can never admit she is wrong or has made a mistake? 

She either avoids the question, blatantly lies (as with selectively chosen statistics to incorrectly claim child poverty numbers had decreased) or blames someone else. The closest she has ever come to admitting fault is to say “our expectations have not been met”. Great role model isn’t she?

Then we have her henchman Hipkins caught out with his advice that our major supplies of vaccines were coming in September. After being caught out on this incorrect statement, instead of simply admitting he was wrong he says “my advice was not 100% correct”. Why not just say he got it wrong. Mind you it is really not a surprise after he suggested the reason we were 120th down the list on vaccine roll out in the world was that it was not “humanitarian” for us to take vaccines ahead of other countries where Covid was rampant. Turns out this was a complete lie and the main reason was we were not prepared to pay the market price and were put down towards the end of the queue. Rather than pay another $40 million we are now at much higher risk of people dying and also with forced lockdowns it is going to cost us billions. 

Thousands of our front line workers are still unvaccinated (including border workers, hospital staff and police) despite constant advice from Ardern and Hipkins to the contrary. If all our border workers had been vaccinated we may not have had this outbreak. Current epidemiological advice is that vaccinated people are 30% less likely to get Covid Delta and therefore if all border workers were vaccinated there is a 30% less chance of them infect others if they are exposed to the virus. The current outbreak was a border failure so do the maths. Now that government has given up (or a bit scared to take it any further for fear of being caught out again) it is quite possible an unvaccinated person who was linked to the border or an infected  border worker was responsible for this outbreak. 

Very sadly, a woman in her 50s has died from a rare (but known) side effect of the Pfizer vaccine. The question is:-

 Why was this information released yesterday when she died a month ago?

This was the same day the government hinted that vaccines were possibly in short supply. If I was slightly cynical I would think that this press release by Bloomfield might possibly dampen demand for vaccination which is exactly what the government wants. He even hinted that this might happen. One could suggest that this is a seriously sick tactic. 

Covid is currently taking all our attention so please keep your eyes open to other issues like the 3 Waters debacle. District councils around the country have now looked through the information provided by this Labour government and discovered it is poorly researched and based on dubious projections. Starting with the Whangarei District Council, councils right throughout the country are now rejecting Ardern’s next attempt at taking away regional control of their water assets and thus further seeking centralised control of every aspect of our lives. Once again this Labour government is using “mistruths” to manipulate us. 

You owe it to your children and grandchildren to fight this government’s attempts to centralise control of our lives to faceless bureaucrats in Wellington. They are doing this in health, education, our water resources and with the Significant Natural Areas (SNA) legislation. And remember this affects all of us , not just specific groups. If it had not been for Maori joining other private land owners in the Far North District to protest, the SNA programme, which restricts the personal property rights of land owners by requiring government consent for most activities and which affected nearly half of the Far North land  area, would have proceeded already. 

This Ardern government simply cannot be trusted. 

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