Labour/Greens can no longer form a government.

Based on the latest poll that was conducted prior to Collins shooting herself in the foot. There is no longer enough support for the left parties to allow them to form a government without support from another party, such as the Maori Party.

The interesting aspect to the Roy Morgan pole is two stats they publish. The age and sex of voter sentiment and if they believe NZ is heading in the e right direction.

In regard to whether NZ is heading in the right or the wrong direction, there has been a 6% increase in the wrong direction statistic – which now has the right direction sitting on 46% (-2) whilst the wrong direction is at 44.5% (+6)

As we jest on here a bit, it is the lady’s keeping the left in power. Below are the stats by above 50 and below – by sex

  • All voters +2.5%
  • Women +17.5%
  • Men -13%
  • Women under 50 +32%
  • Women over 50 +0%
  • Men under 50 -12.5%
  • Men over 50 -13.5%

So we can isolate it even further down, that it is younger ladies keeping Ardern in power. It makes sense that a young female leader resonates the most in the young female voter demographic .

The big question is, will Luxon draw enough young woman to the right sphere of politics.?

The good news is it seems Ardern is doing a pretty good job of shedding voters on her own. funny that.

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