Labour hypocrisy on clear display at the start of the new term

If anyone bleats about how kind and lovely Ardern is, then please free to slap the sickening stupidity out of them by pointing out the cold face of the Labour leader this week.

Once again the minister for child poverty acted out the complete farcical claim that she is improving the lives of those that are below the bread line.

She repeated the same misinformation about the success of improving 7 of the 9 measures of poverty.

Whilst this statement is factually correct, the reality is the net result is poverty is worsening.

The 2 indicators that are worse off are the only ones that measure how well off impoverished children really are. The other 7 are purely statistical points of average income and in reality mean nothing for the lives she is tasked with improving.

It is akin to gluing plastic leaves onto a dead tree and claiming it improves the environment.

Material hardship is worse than when she became the leader of the Government and to hear the minister of child poverty claim she is doing well because of 7 of 9 measures has improved shows she is more interested in looking good rather than making a difference.

It’s sickening how this obfuscation reveals the true nature of the Prime Minister. Claiming kindness as her virtue whilst sweeping the needy under the rug and trying to look good using statistical trickery shows Ardern is just another slimy politician.

Meanwhile children go to school hungry, cold and without the basics that a country that is so full of kindness would expect.

We then turn to the case of Mallard, who would be a dead duck if it wasn’t for the Covid driven fanatical vote for Labour at the last election.

Chris Bishop was on point when he said the Ardern that she should put the boot on the other foot and ask herself if Mallard was a National member and speaker of the house, how would she react to his indiscretion.

Again, where is the kindness? In a cruel exercise of bullying, Mallard ruined a mans life and the taxpayer picks up the bill for his indiscretion. We then find out it isn’t the only case and there is another bill growing.

You know you are in the wrong when Barry Soper is telling the left that they are wrong.

If you ever wanted a good assessment of how one sided the media has become then read Soper’s take on the Mallard affair below

Barry Soper: Failure to hold Trevor Mallard to account shows Labour’s hypocrisy

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