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Labour Policy Disasters 2017-2020

1. Ending oil & gas exploration without consultation, so now we import coal?

2. The Zero Carbon Bill fraud. (Based on modelling again). Talking of “climate change” as if it is a fact not a theory. No critical thinking ability demonstrated.

3. The Curriculum (Indoctrination) on Global Warming, which is total left-wing indoctrination, including how to be an activist. – back to the “One Truth again!) Children should be taught how to think not what to think. No wonder Jacinda just parrots Climate Change, climate change, with no understanding of the issues or the fact that the science is not settled, just suppressed. What about the work of Geologists, Dr. Ian Plimer, Dr. Tim Ball, Dr Judith Curry.  Failing to see the juxtaposition between purporting to support climate change and then killing over 1 million bees! As in, the 1930’s if you indoctrinate the children then you will have an army of indoctrinated followers- A very dangerous policy.

4. Snubbing Shaun Plunkett (and others) on Magic Talk, as he asks hard questions. Every politician should answer the hard questions as they are acting for the people or meant to be!

5. Interfering in property rights at Ihumatao putting the whole history and principles of property rights in NZ, into jeopardy, but not being able to comprehend the implications. Then having the audacity to say they were looking for a “solution” whatever that means because as usual no details. (Unconscious Incompetent) Not fronting about a deal before the election. One of the many failures of being “Open and Transparent”

6. Totally not getting the fundamental, critical principals of the Rule of Law, so that they do not see why having a Govt acting illegally is a problem.

7. Failing to work with the opposition to prevent an illegal lockdown, even though the opposition offered.

8. Opposing the RMA reforms for 9 years then announcing they were going to reform it.

9. UN Migration Pact

10. Belt & Road

11. Being the most patronising and having the most patronising voice ever.

12. Purporting to care about children then closing charter schools only to reinstate them only employing teachers who are union members. Hypocrisy at its best.

13.  Giving 50 million to the media and of course, they are not biased!!!! Yeah Right.

14. That slide!

15. Promoting misogyny by dressing up. Not realising, whilst she can take scarves off after a photoshoot and forget about it, many children and adults are not allowed to remove their head covering. Failing to realise that, if a PM wears a religious symbol to schools: strict men in a patriarchal society will use the event to wield power over their female children.

15. Kiwi Build broken promises.

17. COVID-Spin- saying for example “We went early” when it was at best disingenuous. Remember the facts. National and Act were calling for the borders to be closed in February Jacinda, still wanted to have the commemoration for the Mosque Tragedy until the very last minute. Look at NZ Herald 19th March! Spin, spin and more dammed spin!

18. Being totally incompetent and telling us the border was secure when they were not even testing all border staff.

19. Killing over 1million bees due to incompetence at the Auckland border after they let COVID in via the border.

20. The Public Health Response Act – taking away freedoms, including allowing police to enter without a warrant and sweeping powers given to unelected health officials

21. Suppressing any alternative views “We are the One Truth” 1984 was a warning, not an instruction manual Jacinda! Ignoring all the scientists who expressed alternative views and sticking with the modelling of Imperial College, which has been debunked.

22. Telling the public, they were organised re quarantine, when they were letting people out without testing. Adding to the list of deaths from COVID those who tested negative!

23. Racial Profiling in Health Service, Illegal roadblocks, $56 million separately under COVID decided by race.

24. Despite an offer from the Opposition; failed to adhere to the Rule of Law and consequently, the first 9 days of the Lockdown were unlawful. The least you can expect from a Government is to follow the law otherwise, you have totalitarianism. Clearly, Jacinda has never studied common law or the Magna Carta 1215. A document Lord Denning called,” the greatest constitutional document of all times – the foundation of the freedom of the individual against the arbitrary authority of the despot”.

25. There is no logic to their “Essential Businesses: definition, thus unnecessarily ruining the business of butchers and greengrocers and Natural Health.

26. Having absolutely no business sense and killing the economy: including losing the Rugby.

27. Having no published costed plan on money given out as to how it will be used. Exactly what happened to the mental health money???

28. The political elements of the COVID briefing.

29. Failing to deliver anything they promised.

30. The knee jerk reactions on Firearms, terrible legislation drafting resulting in laws, which have not made us safer and have punished law-abiding citizens.

31. Masks!!! Political control and cherry picked science.

32. Not admitting they screwed up at the border! Then pretending they had a “Resurgence plan? Any idea where this is, asking for a friend!

33. Fibbing about the PPE availability.

34. Fibbing about the flu jab distribution and blaming hard-working GPs.

35. The Racing issue and the coalition agreement.

36. Supporting the funding of the Green School with a straight face.

37. Burying the sex scandals?

38. Not sacking incompetent Ministers

39. Promoting the mantra be kind when her party followers are the most savage, nasty, cancel culture trolls ever!

40. Pretending the lockdown was 4 weeks.

41. Having no competent team.

42. Penalising farmers and trying to destroy them under the mantra of saving the planet.

43. Continuing the funding of the Paris Accord

44. Having no plan except claiming to have a plan. See ACT budget- That is a plan!!! Abdicating responsibility for failing to bring in people who can stimulate the economy, consequently losing the Rugby & Tennis.

45. Being in a coalition with the Greens who wasted millions of seeds, having to destroy them, as the soil was not the right soil.

46. Spending taxpayers’ money and claiming things are free when taxpayers pay for them.

47. Creating the worst debt ever.

48. Giving 10 million to the bungee private business!!!

49. Being Arts Minister and giving 16 million to complete rubbish grants in the middle of a pandemic.

50. Big Government undermining aspiration and personal responsibility.

51. Attacks on free speech. Threats to bring in “subjective” hate laws. To be fair laws should be objective otherwise it depends on who is in charge of making a subjective decision.

52. Being so arrogant they dismissed the general public when dumping bad news.

53. Thinking a plan is announcing spending plans with no explanation as to how the money will be allocated, used, checks, balances i.e. a plan!

54. Provincial Growth Fund barrel politics. Especially the last one. Why can’t the billions the IWI have be used to pay for the maintenance of their Marae. More Identity politics to divide.

55. Sneaking legislation through parliament during the COVID restriction when the promised not to do anything unrelated to COVID e.g. Voting of Prisoners.

56. The library history scandal.

58. Governing via fear. If one published the number of deaths each day from heart disease, diabetes, road deaths, perhaps we would not have a country with Stockholm syndrome as illustrated by the polls. 57. I am not a fan of the road to communism. If you read history, it never ends well.

Labour in Government alone 2020 -2021

  1. Repealing 3 strike law
  2. 125 million to buy the media
  3. Climate Emergency lie to progress the  WEF – agenda. Co2 is not a pollutant-  [i]Nov 2020-Impacts of Climate Change: Perception and Reality (
  4. Maori Ward legislation taking away democratic right to object to this removal of democracy and name-calling of anyone who dares to object.
  5.  Utter incompetence of the wage subsidy rules giving millions of taxpayer money to foreign and profitable companies.
  6. Wasted money on consultants for Fletcher land Nov
  7. Dec 2020 hiking minimum wage again!
  8. Hate speech. Destroying freedom of speech with subjective laws- it therefore hands control of what you can say to whoever is in power. With America attempting to ban “Mother” under the banner of inclusion this is totalitarianism and a dystopian nightmare.
  9.  Dumping bad news at Christmas including Trevor Mallard & the report on COVID and Fletcher land deal.
  10. Trevor support… he has no credibility how can he adjudicate as speaker now! If you support this bully, you are condoning bullying.
  11.  Urban Dev Act Aug 2020 undermining property rights and extending a new quango’s powers to compulsory purchase private property.
  12. Suspending financial oversight
  13. Positive fat campaign- putting more people at risk of COVID death or heart disease or diabetes
  14. Maori ward separatism pushed through under urgency.
  15. Grant Robinson shutting down debate on the Great Reset using labeling and emotive adjectives combined with gas lighting. (Feb 2020)
  16. Ruining my son’s concert due to total incompetence on COVID and causing untold mental & physical distress to all those queuing to get into Auckland.
  17. Invoking 1984 narking policies and pile-ons to distract from incompetence. Remember be kind!!!!!!!
  18. Picking on individual citizens and accusing them of breaking the rules when they have not.
  19. Pulling out of interviews where difficult questions asked Hoskins & Magic- undermining democracy.
  20. Destroying more small businesses and letting down those who have other illnesses by lockdowns.-Effectively choosing who lives!!!
  21. Jihadi bride incompetence.
  22. The announcement of the announcement tactic in the Aus bubble!
  23. Acting illegally again the vax rollout. If a Government gets away with breaking the law they can do anything and you do not have a democracy.
  24. 2021 S. African communist budget
  25. Electric communist subsidies benefitting the rich
  26. Losing 1.9 Million taxpayers Mental Health money.
  27. Overriding Ashley regarding masks on public transport- Never trust a politician with your health
  28. Scaring the public with more totalitarian controls without scientific evidence-
  29. Blatant censorship of medically qualified professionals- “The Ministry of Truth.”
  30. Propaganda as admitted in the PM’s own words.
  31. Keeping their radical agenda secret from the public before the election.
  32. Critical Race Theory in NZ schools- teaching kids to hate each other based on their colour.
  33.  Te Hurihanganui programme erasing history, separatism and indoctrination as per 1984. In his book, Mein Kampf Hitler said, “Whoever has the Youth has the future. “George Orwell in 1984 recognised the power, which emanates from brainwashing the children.1984 also illustrates why those who want perpetual power try to erase/control history. “Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.”
  34. He Puapua separatism agenda. The Spectator had a super article on the dangers of He Puapua
  35. The changing of the name of the country by stealth to a name  that has no basis in history, with no consultation or thought to the cost.
  36. The Climate Change Commission fraud. They were never independent or impartial but specifically set up to progress Agenda 2030. The fact the Government has signalled in advance it will adopt whatever the CCC recommendations is a total dereliction of duty or dishonest. This means the Government is admitting they will not evaluate anything the CCC proposes. The whole principle of democracy is that the Government serves the people who elect them. Inherently the Government is under a responsibility to analyse the contents of the report and ask robust, pertinent questions. To implement recommendations, the CCC itself say are totally unnecessary is the definition of utter incompetence. It is utterly undermining to public confidence in the integrity of the report processes, to have virtue signalled the outcome of the report in terms of the Government agreeing to adopt whatever the commission says. People will ask, “what is the point of submitting on the obvious fundamental flaws” if the Government is going to adopt them in any event? This is clearly “double speak.”
  37. Lying about no new taxes. Bright-line test and then being so brazen doing interviews about being too definitive and expecting people to still take you seriously.
  38. Blatant Government ordered racism in relation to the mandated 5% contracts to be given according to ethnic origins.  More racism does not solve historical racism.
  39. Attacks on private property rights by James Shaw. Significant Natural Areas land grab.
  40. Child Abuse curriculum in primary schools.
  41. Creating Ghetto’s emergency hotel housing.


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