Landslide eh?

So Trump was meant to lose by a landslide and not only that, the Democrats would increase their majority in the House and flip the Senate.

What we actually got was a reduction in the house majority, the Republicans maintaining control of the senate and a presidential count that took a very strange series of events and 4 days of counting to give Biden the narrowest of advantages.

Such is the way the election was conducted that, regardless of the MSM playing it down. Is going to be decided by the Supreme Court.

The test of the legality of ballot counting in states like Pennsylvania have not yet had the scrutiny of the SCOTUS and some constitutional experts are saying that the decision to allow the counting of late ballots will fail.

There is murmurs that this election is the biggest sting to expose election fraud that has ever been undertaken but I find this hard to believe.

The water mark theory has little credibility at this stage and I fear that the odds of proving anything is very low.

The best chance for team Trump is to force a re-election in states like Pennsylvania and a favourable recount in close states such as Georgia, Arizona and And perhaps Nevada.

Michigan is also an interesting one as Republicans have been dented proper access to the vote counting.

This is going to Court, and Trump has a chance. Safe to say he will continue to fight regardless.

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