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Question 1

The New Zealand Cricket team is off to England to play two recently scheduled Test’s added to their programme.  Even though there are thousands of NZers trying to get MIQ vouchers to get processed through the colander called the NZ border, the cricket team will…

  1. Stand in line like everyone else (insert Tui ad here) 
  2. Be given preferential treatment yet again because they are …..(sorry, can’t find a reason why ‘hit ball with stick’ is more important than anyone else.)
  3. Will individually agree to opt out of the tour so that NZers and other potential returnees ahead of them it the queue, won’t think they are individually and collectively a group of a…holes
  4. Behave the self-entitled way many international cricketers are famous for.

Question 2

MIQ is another way of spelling

  1. Met In Quarantine
  2. Colander/Sieve
  3. Me In Quick
  4. The Labour party’s bank account for donations for preferential treatment is…
  5. Married In Quarantine.

Question 3

What do Mahatma Ghandi, Fidel Castro, George Washington, Vladimir Lenin, Benito Mussolini all have in common?  They all led mass protest movements that included both armed insurrection and peaceful protest.

Fill in the blanks

A protest is only a riot when you….      L_se

Question 4

MBIE Covid-19 helpline employment response test.

When you are sitting down, which one mostly points to the ground?                                        Arse/Elbow

(Circle the correct answer – note a correct answer will likely invalidate you from work in Covid response)

Question 5

The Aussie PM was asked to comment on the recent closure of the border with NZ, he replied…

  1. That’s the same as what we have done for all the other States of Australia
  2. So what
  3. Do we have to deal with this now? I have a proper country to run.
  4. New Zealand, I am not the mayor of that city.

Question 6

The recent case of the more infectious version of Covid ran around for seven (7) days and infected precisely no one – including her daughter and husband.

This proves

  1. As it is the ‘African’ strain is it only more infectious to Africans?  Keep her away for East Auckland and the North Shore then.
  2. The strain is only more infectious in the countries called ‘the Media’
  3. Most of the people she contacted didn’t get it  because they have already had it
  4. As many overseas (arguably more reputable) Virologists point out the Nasal Swab test we are using is not the best (they say poor) method for testing for Covid, so you can have it but have to be desperately unlucky to get caught. (assuming they can find you test at all)

Another week of dithering, back-sliding, laying blame and importantly for consistencies sake, doing Nothing (Decision Free Government at its best)

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