Learn the laws CBD catering AKA little bite Creations

On the way to dropping the kids off at school I often popped to this store to grab them a snack for morning tea.

I like to support local shops and never have worn a mask when I ordered from here before as you don’t go inside, it’s a small hole in the window you order through as you can see from the photo of their store on Monaghan Street Mt Albert.

Being asthmatic I easily get anxiety induced asthma from masks. I appreciate they don’t know this but this morning they refused to serve me.

The only question I got was, do you have a mask? Being in a bit of a rush I just said we don’t need one. Given the news on mask efficacy that is circulating now I thought it a bit odd that now they require them.

So I got refused service and she got a brief, “ you must be f’ing joking” as I walked away.

All I can say is learn the science and more importantly learn the laws around mask wearing, before you refuse to serve a regular who will never be returning to your store or anything associated with your businesses.

The last 30 times I went to your store I didn’t need a mask and ironically the mask worn by the self appointed separatist, has been proven to not stop transmission anyway.

Actions have consequences CBD Catering AKA Little Bite Creations and today you refused the wrong person with your divisive attitude.

You have a lovely day now

And below is some reading for you so you can think about what you are promoting.

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