Left wing media busted lying, again.

The Washington Post, and other left-wing media personalities such as MSNBC’s Joy Reid, have to “slander” those who speak out against critical race theory since they don’t “have facts on their side,” says the Manhattan Institute’s Christopher Rufo. In recent days, The Washington Post has had to add in a suite of corrections and clarifications on a story that centred on Mr Rufo, while Ms Reid invited him on air to debate critical race theory but barely allowed him to speak during the 13-minute segment. Mr Rufo told Sky News Australia that left-wing institutions have to resort to “lies” about those who oppose critical race theory since the majority of Americans, including Democrats, don’t support the ideology. “Critical race theory, while it is very popular in elite institutions, elite universities, elite media outlets, it actually has zero support among Americans,” he said. “The public is ten-to-one against it, the public is ready to raise hell about it. “I think it’s just another sign they (the left) can’t win the debate on the substance, they are trying to force-feed the ideology to the American people.”

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