Lets have some good news – for me

The hidden benefit of being a victim of NZ’s official discrimination policy.   

True to my word I am yet to go to a Pub, Café or restaurant that discriminates (unlike one of my friends who I know their V status is dubious, ah hem!).

As part of my Christmas Doo day I had booked my staff onto an event that takes place completely outdoors, an event where there is no legal obligation to follow the mandates.  When, as a group, they were asked for their ‘Papers’ they all objected (much to my surprise).  They agreed if we all can’t go then they won’t either and they (not me) then canned the lunch that was to follow 

I think I will run this like the comedy show “2 Broke Girls”  

Ka-ching:               Course 7x$259,  Staff lunch last time we were at XXXXXX ($1,987.50).    

Money not spent in December because of illegal Covid mandate  $3,800.5.  (and yes I have converted it to units in an overseas fund – ah feels good to fulfil a promise I made – if Jacinda wants to know what that’s like – she can call me)

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