Let’s play ‘Jacinda says’ for the week ending 17 December

The difference with this version is Jacinda has actually said each of these things, you don’t have to spot the lie because it didn’t start with  ‘Jacinda says’, except …?

There will be a cycle lane over the harbour bridge

Turns out there won’t be, or a walkway either.  Depending on who and what you believe that means around $785M is now available from ‘funds committed’ to help Fat-boy balance the books. We can ignore the nearly $30M already spent (criminally wasted) on consultants and draft planning (should have just given it to Dalton)

There will be 1800 more policemen

Well it turns out there won’t be.  They qualify around 80 per week (according to the State Funded Propaganda Facilitators) which equates to 3200 (say 40 week) per year and that only matches retirements and resignations. Sort of hard to believe to be honest (and I don’t – some clown straight from press skool made that one up).  But more importantly around 600 (loose use of the number 600 as I suspect the number is more) will be stood down.  The force will in fact be much smaller from when the clown circus was elected.     

There will be 30,000 new houses

Why is this in here, well it turns out there most likely won’t be (this is more of an update on an on-going failure).  National have reviewed their position on housing and word on the street is, if this goes though the volume of sub-standard housing stock is set to match the USSR and the Eastern block by 2025 (sorry that’s exactly what JA wants)  

Adoption of 3 waters will be voluntary  

In defence of her parties position to force through ‘3 Waters’ she proved this week that she is not only a liar, but not even a good liar.  After spending over $30m on and adverting campaign trying to convince voluntary adoption of this policy, JA told the press that of they looked at her cabinet notes of May they would see she always intended to ‘force it through’ if there was no voluntary by-in.  So was this a lie?  Well hard to say.  There was enough rhetoric from the junta to say that councils had a choice, all but 4 I think have said no, but was it from JA or was it the Organ Grinder (Mahuta).  If it’s not a lie then it was a textbook example of duplicity, diversion and dishonesty and a criminal waste of tax payers money.

Good news, David and Chris,  you still have time the work on the Greens and a couple of the other November criminals and try to take this gummint down.

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