Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Michael Baker is our award collecting “leading” expert on COVID

He is one of those academics who likely salivates every time the phone rings in case its someone from the complicit media, or an academic to tell him he has been nominated for another award.

Anyway, he managed to get his name in the paper again today where the new buzz word is the “Delta” variant.

Whether or not this is a variant we need to be concerned about, there are some statistics we can look at to get a better grasp of the “India problem” where this variant is supposedly causing havoc

It seems that every mutation is more contagious than the last and good reason to bring back the fear. But lets look at the origin of this variant and what’s really going on with their proportionally superior population

lets compare the U.K. to India and their statistics of the goings on in the past few weeks.

The UK has almost hit 50% of the population that has been fully vaccinated and is currently having an increase in cases.

India has vaccinated 3.7% of their population and has experienced a sizable decrease in infections

Note; the y axis is 5 X greater for the Indian data and India’s population is 20 X that of the UK. So the peak of 400,000 new cases ifor India is comparable to reaching a peak of 20,000 if you adjust for the difference in population. This is over 3 X less than the U.K’s peak of 67,000 daily cases.

The three day moving average in India is currently 50,231 and decreasing rapidly. Again, population adjusted, this gives you 2,511 new cases per day if the population was the same as the U.K. The U’K’ s 3 day average is at now10,080 and rapidly rising.

Then we have the death rates

Here is the death per million stats for the two nations

  • UK 1,876 deaths per million people
  • India 289 deaths per million people

While it is likely the reporting in India isn’t as accurate as that in the UK, even with a large degree of inaccuracy it iois still proportionately more of an issue in this first world rapidly vaccinated country of the UK over the third world effects in India.

But all the media wants to talk about is India, India, India and of course the new variant.

How long before Michael “lock down” Baker has us firmly in the grip of restricted movements again?

Anyway just keeping you abreast of the propaganda machine at work

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