Living with lunacy

Djokovic is hopefully proving to many just how moronic the world has become with its obsession with being Jabbed and wearing masks, both proving to be futile actions when it comes to preventing the spread of COVID.

I guess having the best immunity (natural immunity from a previous infection) isn’t good enough these days. Rather a vaccinated potential carrier than someone not following orders who is obviously as clean as a whistle.

German stats on who’s catching COVID

It’s like 2 meter distancing between mask wearing travellers queuing up to sit like sardines in an aeroplane, and then de-masking to eat. If that is logic then you are nuts.

I just wonder who will really end up with egg on their face with this latest “in the name of covid” stance, from just another country obsessed with pretending these so called vaccinations will lead them to salvation.

I guess the news that vaccinated are now more likely to be infectedmissed ScoMo’s desk.

I doff my cap to Djokovic and hope more people wake to the tyranny.

On other breaking news, Pfizer and Moderna are making $1,000 USD profit every second of every day off all this. But it was never about money.

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