Lockdowns save lives? But at what cost?

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By Will Ryan

Do people really think a government, any government, can fight a virus and eliminate it?

Why do we still have the flu, STD’s and a plethora of other viruses some more deadly than Covid?

Jacinda Ardern’s response is unsustainable, we can’t lock down every month or so for years to come! Therefore we shouldn’t embark on this dead end road at all! The vaccine, even in the best circumstances, isn’t a silver bullet to prevent transmission either.

Lockdowns cost over $100million a day, we could be smart, protect the vulnerable and allow young, healthy people to be the productive engine to support themselves, their families and businesses all reliant upon trade, for which a subsidy is no substitute.

If a human life is “worth” 100k a year to sustain, or even $1million, how many economic lives is this government killing with close to $1billion in wealth creation lost per week of lockdown?

We cannot say lockdowns save lives until “at what cost” is calculated, as crude as that may be. How many people already on the brink of poverty are going to be pushed under the bread line and what impact will that have on thousands of peoples mental and physical health?

These are questions and debates our government refuse to mention or engage in. They have become dictatorial rather than engaging in a democratic process- even with fellow members of parliament. Unfortunately many Kiwis think it’s wise and patriotic to unquestionably follow the government orders rather than question and hold them to account. They are supposed to be public servants, yet that seems long forgotten!

This will continue indefinitely unless this government is forced to back off the elimination strategy and allow us to live with Covid. They cannot do such however as it would implicitly mean their response for the last year has been wrong and massively costly, all for little gain. These people are far too arrogant and concerned about their own re-election and wealth preservation to do such, therefore they will double down on the losses and run this country into the ground over the next 2-3 years, if the apathetic public allow them to.


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