Long and slow or short and hard?

Judith Colins showed us one thing, being woke is a fast way to going broke. Simon Bridges’ comment to Jackie Dean was apparently so bad it has played on her mind ever since. Oh dear I think you need to take a dose of harden the fuck up pills Jackie. it was about as offensive as visiting the zoo and noticing the chimpanzee’s don’t have any clothes on

Obviously this is total BS and Judith knew she was in trouble and probably got some advice by New Zealand’s self proclaimed hard hitting political genius Cameras Slater. Never get political advice from Slater might have been better advice.

Collins has been a dead man walking for a while now and it’s probably time for her to be set free. Her Papakura electorate will likely back a resurgent National rather than stay faithful to the old guard, if National finally starts to reinvent itself as something better than Labour lite.

The likes of Colins, Jackie Dean and Brownlee should shuffle off and go bother someone else, as the recently departed Nick Smith did and soon to go Muller, who all have proved that they all too closely resemble farts in spacesuits and are just about as useful.

Colins had too much dirty laundry and was only stopping the faster decline of Labour’s support.

So Caucus have a big decision to make and really there is only one choice that would be the best choice. Luxon is too new and too born again christian to be a sensible choice in my humble opinion. Bridges is too easy to mock as the goofy sounding rerun of his own failed leadership. That leaves the softly spoken Mitchell who doesn’t have the obvious down sides of his competition. However National are good at making bad decisions so who knows who they will pick.

Who will be their 2IC’s? The smart move would be to quietly pick one without a long duel and all get behind the new leader. So Luxon get back in your box, Bridges get on with things and all get behind Mitchell. There is more important things to do like getting rid of this communist party we have in power now.

Fingers crossed we finally start the journey to a party waiting to lead NZ but don’t get your hopes too high as after all, they all are just a bunch of narcissistic self serving dirtbags.

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