Lunatic’s have got hold of the asylum again.

If the countries that depend on Russian products comply, which they will unlikely do, they would get a first hand experience as to what the world would be like adopting Greta Thunberg’s demands.

A real “how dare you experience” it would be

Perhaps some energy ministers will set up think tanks on how to replace 40% of their energy requirements. The local bridge salesmen will be rubbing their hands together if they try and sell the public that it is possible without huge price hikes..

Perhaps Klaus Schwab is preparing for everyone to own nothing and be happy, as at this rate there are going to be a lot of frozen bodies when winter returns.

Either they don’t replace the energy and people freeze, or they pay so much for the energy that people can’t afford to pay for heating and freeze.

There’s going to be a lot of protests in Europe over the next few years if they carry on scoring own goals with sanctions. That will only serve to punish the people of Europe.

A true example of biting one’s nose of to spite their face.

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