Marama Davidson has turned her ministerial pay into the highest unemployment benefit ever

Remember the last co-leader of the Greens?

Metiria Turei tried to be at one with the sector of the public who prefer to milk the unemployment benefit by admitting she lied to WINZ to get a better payout when she was younger.

Marama Davidson, in what can only be described as a hold my beer moment, has given herself the largest unemployment benefit ever. $313,000 per annum.

It seems Marama Davidson has stopped working but is still collecting her $6,000 per week tax payer funded income.

In the 5 months of time since she and her party she is the co-leader of got back in to power, she hasn’t done an iota of work.

Given she is the associate housing minister in a time where housing is one of the largest issues facing the Government, this is taking the piss.

I guess she really has claimed the “c” word.

She hasn’t brought one paper to cabinet or had a single press release.

She did take time to call a National housing spokesperson Nicola Willis a racist on Twitter though.

And what was Willis’ racist comment? She said she didn’t feel safe in the Wellington CBD due to the amount of emergency housing and increase in gang presence.

How racist of her.

Get a job Marama

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