MAGA hat somehow does the opposite

Covid 19 Delta outbreak: Barry Soper – Why Jacinda Ardern used a defence force jet for her flying Auckland visit

Ardern had a whirlwind trip to Auckland where the only Airpoints were the loss of carbon credits. This is because she used the airforce rather than the usual Air NZ domestic flights.

Seems she wants to avoid the public now. Either she has been told all the selfies are a bad look, or those opportunities have been replaced by angry crowds chanting Ardern is a liar.

Her semi choreographed trip involved a photo opportunity at a west Auckland engineering firm.

Perhaps the PR team were not concentrating as the firm they selected for the visit, JMP Engineering, had recently made a political statement via the boss.

“The only company she visited, JMP Engineering, continued to operate during the lockdown. Its boss Michael Thornton had earlier tweeted a shot of him wearing a MAGA cap saying he had joined the movement – that’s Make Ardern Go Away.”

Wearing a MAGA hat didn’t ward off the PM but it may have had some effect.

“He got his wish on that front, she wasn’t there for long – probably because she got an earful about the broken MIQ system and how international businesses could operate when their workers couldn’t get back into the country.”

The Engineering companies staff are not Ardern fans. and she was whisked away.

I think Ardern is going to need to get used to increasingly hostile members of the public.

Her election campaign will not be fun filled selfies that is for sure.

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