Making A Deal?

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Opinion Piece By Donald Wayne.

1st off I am a 100% strong trump supporter….. All of this playing aside let me tell you my humble opinion of what is happening right now….. A bunch of top level officials including the president are sitting around behind a closed door staring at each other….. saying what in the heck just happened… I cannot believe that you pulled this…. The president is sitting with the swamp creatures realizing just how deep this goes for the 1st time…… They are trying to make a deal…. He is probably saying do whatever you want to as long as I get the election…. Because if we bust this wide open it’s going to be too big for the American people to handle……( I don’t believe it’s too big we need to know the truth…) But politicians being who they are think they know best…. So back to the point of No matter what they decide there is going to be collateral damage…. I just hope that the president does not give in and say yes, all of you are right…. This is too big for the country to handle I’m going to concede

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