Manipulation part 78

An article in that reliable place for misinformation, Stuff; on the price increases of N95 and P2 masks has an interesting statement.

“National Express Products (NXP) sells a range of face masks, including the N95 and P2 varieties recommended for use against the Omicron variant.”

Notice how they say, “recommended for use against Omicron?” This implies that they were not necessarily against previous versions.

A more honest description would be, N95 masks and P3 masks are the only masks that show any real potential reduction in transmission. Surgical masks are virtually useless against stopping transmission, showing less than 1% reduction of spread covid in control groups and cotton face masks made no difference.

Medical advice provided to the Government early in the outbreak was that their was no point in wearing masks but labour decided the masks would remind everyone to live in fear.

There are a few people who owe me an apology over masks efficacy but I won’t hold my breath.

Stuff have become such a sad publication, that it is close to being part of the trials that will hopefully one day see the purveyors of the sins against our society pay a price.

We have all lost friends for various reasons so far during this propaganda fuelled response, for most it is the division of opinion or regulations around the pandemic that has caused them to lose family friends or loved ones.

Some just stop talking to you, or quietly delete you from your Facebook accounts, and some just rather not have much to do with you anymore. they remain polite but will slowly drift off to the never never.

Very few have lost a loved one to the actual virus in NZ. This may change in the coming months, but with a less virulent version it will be how well we go about protecting the vulnerable and how prepared our hospitals are that will be the real decider on causalities..

It seems the unvaccinated are to continue to be ostracised with the new legislation coming out in April. Let’s hope the narrative has all but unravelled by then.

Another 2 months of Omicron is really going to provide a lot of data to disseminate and many of the miss-truths that are still somehow part of popular culture in NZ will be harder to continue selling to the masses.

The Easter Bunny will be more believable before too long. Even if they no longer have the essential worker status granted by Junta the Kind.

But I could be wrong. I predicted that January 21 would be the time NZ would hopefully awaken from the hermit kingdom. I couldn’t have been further from the truth with even kiwis not allowed to enter NZ.

The WEF will be proud of Comrade Ardern.

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