Maricopa Audit Update

Whilst the Democrats and the complicit media try and get ahead of the audit report that will show if there were any anomalies with the 2020 election, the Arizona senate has announced they will live stream the results of the forensic audit at 1pm Friday September 24.

We will live stream that here at Planet B which will be Saturday September 25 at 8 am. NZ time

As you know, this Audit is meant to be Earth Shattering. We shall see in a little over a weeks time.

Whilst the recent canvass of voters showed large numbers of Ghost votes and missing votes, the Maricopa County immediately attempted to discredit the findings and the team of volunteers.

After knocking on the doors of tens of thousands of registered voters, citizen volunteers discovered that many people cast ballots that weren’t counted (lost votes) and many others did not cast a ballot but had a vote counted in their name (ghost votes).

Liz Harris said that they potentially found 173,104 lost votes and 96,389 ghost votes.

Maricopa county released a statement as a response to the “partisan canvass report”

Their statement was debunking that ghost votes came from a vacant lot.

In this report, the Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer and the County Assessor Eddie Cook claimed that the address at 2058 E. Wildermuth Ave. in Tempe was not a vacant lot.

As their evidence they had a photo of the mobile home lot with residents on it.

The only issue is the photo they used was a 5 year old photo and the lot was demolished in early 2020

here is a picture of the lot prior to the 2020 election.

Below is Liz Harris response to the claim the mobile homes were there and further claims about how the voter must have voted if the home wasnt there.

Seems like the truth is standing in the way of a good story here.

Whilst I was getting an update yesterday on line, in the past 48 hours the usual democrat friendly media outlets and even organisations like Yahoo, Rolling Stone and the fact checkers USA Today, are all trying to debunk the story before it breaks.

One thing we can assume from all this noise, is the Senate are flying right above the target.

This is going to be big

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