Maricopa County Update

The board of directors have issued a very clear message to the senate that they are not going to cooperate with the audit.

In a 13 page letter issued to Senator Fan, they have accused the audit of being a sham run by inexperienced and unqualified auditors.

The senate on the other hand, had hoped to question the board of directors on the issues they are finding. But as stated, the board of directors have made it clear they will not be present.

Questions that that the auditors had today are.

Where are the duplicate ballots.

17% of ballots were decided by human intervention.

In some cases the ballot cannot be read by the machine as it has a coffee stain on it or is damaged in some form. In this case a duplicate is made and both the original and the duplicate are meant to be numbered so they can be matched in the instance of an audit.

For some reason only the duplicates can be found and the originals are missing.

The deletion of the database was a real thing. It is only due to the expertise of the audit team that this is a moot point, as they were able to recover it.

As the board of directors continue to attack the credibility of the audit, the fact that they have been invited to participate and have at every turn refused and have tried to discredit the genuine questions. One can only assume that the cyber ninjas are getting close to the truth.

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