Mariupol refugees speak of life in this battle enslaved city this past month

It is clear that these peoples lives have been destroyed and that the city of Mariupol is also in ruins.

What is interesting is the accounts of the refugees when comparing the Russian forces against the Ukraine forces.

One is of help and the other is barbaric distain for the people.

The Azov are clearly not a friend of the people of this predominantly Russian city, as you can hear from the women refugees at the camp as the describe life among the Ukrainian enforcers.

One woman tells of the Ukraine army telling them to stay and fight as they are hero’s. She asks Patrick how woman and children are meant to fight with bare hands. She describes hiding in the basement with no supplies and that the Ukraine forces took over their houses to fight the arriving Russians.

Others tell of the Ukrainian forces shooting people trying to flee or shooting at them as they tried to boil water to drink. There are accounts of the Ukrainians using these people as shields.

One thing is for sure as these people are now being helped by the Russian forces which they are grateful for and they were left to die by the so called hero’s of this war.

The other reality for these people is that the city has been destroyed by this war and by both sides if we can interpret these accounts correctly. the question remains who has done more damage to Mariupol.

The Azov do not care for any Russians regardless of their heritage and it seems from the last lady to be interviewed, that most of the damage and death came by the way of the Azov forces.

These are the true victims of the continuing battles in the region. they don’t know where they will go from here. They don’t know who to blame, they just know they are pawns in the governments games.

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