Massive protests in Europe due to the increased costs to farmers

It appears not everyone in Europe wants to beat up on Ruskies. If it means higher inflation and shortages.

Regardless of what bought this war on it is real and it needs to be handled in virtually any way rather than what is currently being done.

Countless lies on how Russian energy will be replaced in 12 to 36 months, is obviously born from minds that have believed the climate change diatribe for so long.

That 40% of the European gas consumption from Russia and 10% of global oil needs, 40% of wheat, metals such as nickel and precursors products for fertiliser products can be replaced with alternate means in a few months, is from people who obviously still believe in sparrow farts and unicorn poop as solutions.

The history books, if allowed, will not be kind to the leaders of the likes of Germany and the US. The smaller nations that follow the EU lead will be seen as pawns and a fools game of chess.

We still can’t tell if a greater war will come from this but we are starting to see who our opponents will be and I’m not sure NATO versus BRICS would end well for anyone.

The lies coming from Ukraine and Russia and then distributed around the world are on a next level basis. But one thing is for sure. We are being treated like mushrooms with what is really going on.

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