Matt King tells it like it is

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From Matt King and he is spot on.

But unfortunately National can’t speak up as they will be run into the ground by Arderns paid for media.
They are damned if they do damned if they don’t

Matt King

This is a comment left on my previous post which is for the most part so true it’s worth a post of it’s own.

National is being played by this Labour Government. There is an Aroma of arrogance around National that needs to be removed; they seem to believe that they are the ‘Default Government’. I was very proud of Sir John Key and Sir Bill English who against quite a few odds and disasters left NZ in an extremely healthy financial position, even Grant Robinson has agreed to that.

National are now in opposition to Jacinda Ardern, who IS the Labour Government.
Her early days of President of the International Union of Socialist Youth has modelled her politics and communist agenda. From the distribution of her ‘Little Red Book’ Taking The Lead’ into schools soon after she became the PM was the start of indoctrination, along with James Shaw’s ‘Climate Change’ fear into school curriculum’s all about keeping a state of fear, to be saved by a hero being Jacinda. 12 months after Ardern was PM, business confidence was at an all time low. She showed her fake compassion often, and then her saving grace arrived in the form of Covid. Tax payers spent over $200 million with PR, Marketing and Advertising Agencies creating brand Ardern, who’s popularity ratings before Covid were lower than National.
The very best in Propaganda and PR spin began. The most convincing and extraordinary work was being done by her PR companies, the scripts and dialogues Ardern was given were perfect. 1000 people could have died from Covid, but over half the country of gullible people would still love her. She is one of the best products of a marketing company I have seen for a long time. From the ‘Covid Election’ to the daily Covid reports, the Covid music at election booths, it was a perfect communist brainwashing campaign.

National can continue to find, and point out the obvious faults and failings with the incumbent Government, however they also need to understand what they are battling against. They can be lovely in the communities and fix potholes all day long, but they need to talk and listen to people. And take their profile marketing to to a whole new level, or never be back in Government .

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