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A Japanese conglomerate confirms that Ivermectin is safe and effective against all variants of the virus including the Omicron.

Kowa Co is a large conglomerate in Japan with multiple prongs to their business, including health and medical applications. They are completing phase III trials on ivermectin and have confirmed the anti parasitic medication also has antiviral properties. Something that more and more countries are realising. .

The press release is below with a Google Translate translation beneath.

Kowa Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kowa") is the investigational drug "Ivermectin" used in Phase III clinical trials (development code: K-237) for the treatment of new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) infections. From a joint research (non-clinical trial) with Kitasato University, it was confirmed that the Omicron strain has the same antiviral effect as the existing mutant strain (alpha beta gamma delta strain). I did.
As announced in July 2021, Kowa directly requested the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine Satoshi Omura, a special honorary professor at Kitasato University, to conduct a clinical trial of ivermectin as a therapeutic agent for new coronavirus infections. received. We believe that it is the mission of pharmaceutical companies to contribute to the treatment of new coronavirus infections and protect the health of the people, and we are conducting clinical trials to confirm the efficacy and safety of ivermectin against new coronavirus infections. We are carrying out.
Ivermectin has been distributed by WHO to infected areas for over 30 years as a treatment for parasitic infections. Especially in some African countries, it has been confirmed to be safe enough for volunteers to distribute directly to people. In addition, ivermectin has been reported to suppress the invasion of SARS-CoV-2 into cells and inhibit replication, and is expected to be applied as a new coronavirus infection therapeutic drug (tablet) for drug repositioning. increase. In this clinical trial, the dosage and administration are different from those already approved for the treatment of parasitic infections, but the efficacy and safety are being confirmed in the clinical trial.
Kowa will contribute to the treatment of new coronavirus infections by confirming the clinical effect of ivermectin on SARS-CoV-2 and providing it to the public as soon as possible.
* Overseas, it was reported that patients use high-content ivermectin for animals, which is dangerous for humans, and harmful events occur. Kowa is the standard for conducting clinical trials of pharmaceuticals for humans. Ivermectin clinical trials are conducted in accordance with the strict standards set by GCP (Good Clinical Practice).

The FDA has not approved Ivermectin and is refusing to answer FOIA requests as to why. The FDA is obviously no longer fit for purpose being more of a JV between the Government and the pharmaceutical companies rather than protecting the people.

Further moves from Japan.

Japan has slapped a Myocarditis warning on the vaccine label.

First, Japan’s health ministry acknowledged the growing rate of heart inflammation among the vaccinated population. Then Japan’s public and private sectors were alerted to the fact and forbidden to discriminate against those who refuse the COVID vaccine. Furthermore, Japan has made it clear that “informed consent” is required to receive the vaccine. Japan now insists the vaccine labels warn of dangerous potential side effects such as myocarditis.”

Whilst most will not develop myocarditis, it remains for the under 30 group, particularly males, a greater risk than contracting the virus.

Bit according to “The Science” whatever that is, NZ wants everyone to go get as many jabs as you can. This is an experiment in mass form Psychosis as much as anything else.

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