Meet another ideological labour nut job

Have we ever seen a government that contains as much ineptitude as this current lot.

And the pro activist woke cancel culture brigade, that is obviously a growing number in this country, embrace these lunatics with open arms.

Poto Walliams is the latest minister to stake her claim on the division driven attitude of labour.

She is the police minister who has jumped on the bandwagon of, it’s only Pacific Islanders and Maori that she represents.

That is fine if A, you were not the minister for police and were a minister of something that did mean you represent a particular people, and B, it’s just not true, you were elected into the milky white area of Christchurch East.

Divide and conquer.

Let’s make everything based on race eh?

That will really bring everyone closer together.

It’s a worry when you get a call from a Maori saying he feels sorry for the white man who is getting so picked on by this government and it’s policies. That actually happened to me recently by the way. Not a word of a lie.

However soon it will be, “are you OK Carl, it’s not easy being a white man in this world, where the colour of your skin makes you the evil one is it?”

And what will become of the Maori who say they don’t mind the white man? Will they be outcasted of the tribe and told they are traitors who can go and live with the dirty Milkies. Will they be labelled as a chocolate milk, which will be a derogatory term for a white sympathetic Maori.

That’s where we are heading. How long before we are only allowed to hire a white man if there are no coloured people (but not Asian, as they don’t count) because the a government says so.

We will be taught that it’s black, brown, yellow and then and only then white.

And if you are the latter you are an evil person who must be aware of how good you had it some time in the past before you were born.

Be aware of your wickedness child as no soap can cleanse your milky white away.

Fucking lunacy

When we are born we don’t see colour of skin as an issue. It is taught to us.

There are plenty of racists out there, I experience it and I get it. It’s unpleasant,

However fighting racism with racism seems a little counterproductive.

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