Michael E Mann

This is one of the most influential climate alarmists around today. He has taken over from Al Gore and is better equipped than Al with a collection of climate science based University degrees and a hand-full of awards. He is in charge of the Earth System Science centre at Pennsylvania state University.

He famously rewrote the history of earths temperature records through a very dubious way of studying tree rings and interpreting the data in a way where he could create very little temperature change, until he added thermometer data at the end to create what is famously known as the hockey stick graph.

Sadly he was found wanting with his data technique and was called a fraud by another scientist called Tim Ball. Mann decided to sue for defamation rather than argue his point scientifically. He lost the case through wasting the courts time by delaying providing discovery. He was ultimately ordered to pay costs and Mann claimed he didn’t really loose and he would fight the fight another day soon.

It has been more than 2 years and it seems he has moved on and continues to promote his own brand of science. Sadly some universities have accepted Manns temperature graph that featured in Al Gores movie, even if many climate scientists call it a hoax.

Mann is determined that he is all things climate science and like many of the celebrity scientists, it’s all about awards. Mann has picked up a few along the way however, never has received the Nobel Prize. Not happy with this reality. Particularly with Al Gore and the IPCC receiving one, he simply made his own. A little like how he made his temperature graph.

That’s the certificate he made himself, seems fraud comes quite easily to him.

He didn’t receive it, not jointly, not at all is how he received it.

Like most celebrity scientists he is very political and was very vocal about politics in 2018 when the Russia hoax was being used to impeach Donald Trump.

Mann had his own theory on how this was affecting climate information. This was back when the Democrats thought the election had been hacked. Unlike in 2020 where it was the safest and genuine election ever.

And this is what Michael thinks about debating science

Nothing wins debates on climate like silencing detractors. It’s also pretty hard to debate people who use facts, logic and actual data from the organisations tasked with collecting the data.

Sadly people like Michael Mann will stay at the top as he brings the snake oil that is sought by the powers that be.

There is no money in a climate non-emergency.

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