Michigan Judge Orders FORENSIC Audit of 22 Dominion Voting Machines

It’s amazing how little we hear from the MSM regarding the dodgy aspects of the. U.S. election.

The only thing I’ve noticed lately, is that some of the more vocal social media “nothing to see here” people have become very quiet.

“Where’s the evidence” chants have been replaced with deafening silence.

After the testimony of an IT expert hired by Dominion in Michigan went viral, and other issues such as votes flipping from trump to Biden, machine tally’s not adding up and military ballots that looked like xerox copies all for Biden. A Jidge has ordered forensic analysis of 22 voting machines.

Now the evidence is being heard in legislator hearings, people are starting to want to investigate more.

So where are we at with these Swing States where Biden had the late charge to victory?

Georgia has ordered a signature match to be undertaken.

Pennsylvania is being challenged for vote by mail being unconstitutional.

Arizona is inspecting more ballots after a sample revealed fraud at a level higher than Biden’s win margin.

Wisconsin has laws stating that only requested mail outs are allowed. This is still in the courts weaving it’s way to SCOTUS.

Nevada is also in the courts making its way to the SCOTUS for illegal voting.

No doubt the anti Trump folk will have excuses for all the evidence coming out. Can’t wait to hear the excuses.

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