Midweek Quiz

Question 1

After introducing Rent controls in the 1970’s, the Swedish government had to introduce a regulatory body to govern the Black market in rental inducements paid to landlords and civil servants to either win a property or to stay in a property.  Not only does this highlight further the idiocy of rent controls but also the Racist overtones inherent in the use of the term “Black” market.

An alternate term could be;

  1. The racially non-specific market 
  2. The non-binary colour of your choice market
  3. The actual Real market, not the State funded farce created by regulatory tinkering from public servants
  4. Don’t be so f*ckn stupid (sorry dad)

Question 2

As a landlord, please choose your favourite inducements you can bribe a perspective tenant with to either grant a tenancy or in lieu of increased weekly rent payment.

  1. Have the tenant pay part of your car payment direct to a finance company
  2. A weekly blowjob – (note no gender constraints on the giver of said blowjob)
  3. A naked hand shandy from the most attractive family member (again no gender limitations – very woke of this landlord)
  4. Have the tenant and his children maintain the landlords personal residence (often while the above mentioned other ‘jobs’ are taking place)

Question 3

Recently the MOH (Ministry of Hope/Health – you decide) advised there was a Covid cluster in the Waikato before the announcement of the ‘first’ NZ case.

This confirms or brings into question which of the following:

  1. As with the North Shore case and the South Auckland cases, Covid is not as contagious or as potentially fatal, as the propaganda machine is telling us.
  2. Why have the Ministry not been anti-body testing from day one and continue using a widely criticised swab test?
  3. The reason we aren’t getting it as we have probably all had it, as result of being the 93-95th country in the world to get off our arse and do anything
  4. JA has spent billions of dollars on yet another of her Way Too Late policies.
  5. Every aspect of the last year was a test of the propaganda machine and a huge mismanagement of the new flu (sorry this is a conspiracy theory)

Question 4

JA is once again arguing Trevor Mallard is not being defended by the State.  The propaganda she is basing this on is…

  1. After being found guilty and charging his fine and legal’s to the taxpayer for his uneducated ignorant rant, he said “sowwy”
  2. Clark and I have decided to talk to you about our wedding
  3. Team NZ do not want a parade so we can’t divert your attention that way
  4. The kiddy fiddler at our youth camp didn’t hurt us politically, so why will this?

Question 5

What is the alternative?  J Collins sole response to recent announcements to the changes to the Bright-line test and other tax changes has been to say this is a Capital Gains Tax by stealth.  While true she has offered the following alternatives….


She mumbled in one interview they might reverse the changes, but not confident enough to include this as a policy option

Question 6

The MOH announced today Vaccinations are going slowly because…

  1. There are too many ‘walk-ins’.  (WTF where do I walk in and get this, I want out of here….)
  2. We are still not sure how many Cricketers and visiting sports teams we have to accommodate before we can vaccinate Kiwis
  3. We are still busy trying to publish your details on the internet for every pervert to look up
  4. JA told us this is solely a State Control issue and she had not received your donation to the party so you will not get one until…  

My Dad once said “…these guys couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery”. Having done some brewery tours this is actually hard because they monitor your intake so closely. 

The reality is this government is potentially so bad “…they couldn’t organise  a F*ck in a whorehouse.” 


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