Mike King learning the difference between announcements and results

Our PM is the queen of spin. However, just like a compulsive liar, the perpetrator of non truths soon get stuck in their own web of deceit.

Labour burst on the scene in 2017, freshly garnered with the ability to fix all the social injustices they had bemoaned from the opposition benches.

Of course it is fine to make bold announcements in the early days when you embark on your journey to lead your country, but at some point announcements need to be replaced by action and then results. You then get judged on those results.

Announcements and relabelled departments and documents don’t bring different outcomes. In acting a carefully considered strategy is what alters the destination

The absolute picture child of virtue signalling and cluelessness is the labelling of the annual government budget the Well-being Budget.

It’s about as useful as writing the word leg on an amputees stump, patting them on the back and shouting “run forest run!”

Mike King is one of many who has had enough of the announcements and wants action. He is also one that now has the unenviable challenge of having a public stoush with our spin doctor PM.

Ardern has jabbed at King after he handed back his medal stating, no one has said we had finished with fixing mental health.

It seems that this has switched King from appealing to Ardern by not blaming her for the lack of action, to something he is better qualified for which is sarcasm.

A frustrated King, after handing back his medal, voiced his opinion directly to the PM. Claiming she is obviously too busy selling EV’s, bicycle bridges and going to field days to meet with him.

And that is it in a nut shell isn’t it? The PM’s focus is on looking good rather than doing anything meaningful.

Enthused by the announcement of $1.3 billion to be injected into mental health, King has now realised that this announcement was nothing but a new label on an old problem.

Ardern and her merry bunch of useful idiots must be close to having to draw on their overdraft when it comes to political capital.

How long will the media keep lending them the money?

It is surely now only to the lack of desire for the media to do their job that lets the government get away with the direction they are taking us.

Nowhere fast.

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