Misinformation on misinformation

A recent article on Newshub claimed to be highlighting misinformation regarding the vaccination and in particular that vaccinating children as young as 12 is fine.

It went on to say doctors who were suggesting children shouldn’t be vaccinated we’re doing damage to our health and this is misinformation.

What is not discussed in the article with the viewers is important and in itself a deception.

The important thing that anyone needs to assess when undergoing any medical procedure is the statistical odds of harm from both undergoing the procedure versus not.

In the case of children the decision is, what poses more potential harm between adverse effects of the jab versus the chances of adverse effects from catching the virus.

We know that children are not at risk from covid.

The infection fatality rate (IFR) for under 20 year olds is between 1-3 per 100,000 of children who become infected. We also know that the young have higher chance of the virus being intercepted by antibodies in their mucus which prevents the virus from infecting the child in the first place.

Combining the low IFR with the chances of infection means that children have an overall chance of harm or death from Covid of such a small amount that you need to balance this with the potential harm of the vaccine.

The government is hanging all its hopes on the vaccine hitting 90% of our population getting the double jab, and it seems anything that takes away from this goal is to be deemed as misinformation.

Further to potential adverse effects, the other issue is the efficacy of the vaccine and it’s ability to stop or slow down infection rates.

After al, if the vaccine is not effective in preventing the spread of the virus, then one must consider this fact in weighing up whether children (or anyone under the age of 65) should be vaccinated.

So let’s look at how this vaccine is really working out. In efficacy versus harm.

The FDA recently held a hearing on the vaccine and in particular the benefit of a booster shot.

The result of this hearing resulted in the panel voting 16 – 2 against booster shots for anyone aged under 65.

This panel is made up of experts in infectious disease, microbiology, public health and immunology etc.

They discussed the effectiveness of the vaccine and adverse effects of the jab.

Part of the discussion is the reality occurring in Israel right now, where they have a soaring infection rate and a large roll out of jabs and booster shots.

Here is part of the evidence from the FDA panel.

It is a must watch before you assess what is misinformation.

Remember they voted 16 – 2 against further shots and the reason is the potential adverse effects of more and more jabs.

So what is misinformation?

When the company making the vaccine and the government are the ones pushing the vaccine more than any other organisation it pays to look twice at what they are calling misinformation.

As always, discuss with your doctor before deciding on what’s best for you and your children.

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