Missing data shows the real haters in hate crime.

A study on Asian hate crime in the U.S, omitted one statistic in a recent report.

California State University San Bernardino’s Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism left out some pertinent details from its latest report on anti-Asian hate crimes: namely, the race and ethnicity of arrested individuals.

So why was this information omitted from the report?

It could be that the results don’t follow the narrative that the left are pushing when it comes to the bad and evil white man.

The College Fix got the missing data from the director of the center, Brian Levin. Ninety percent of those arrested in New York City, the main driver of a national increase, are black or Latino. They are actually overrepresented in anti-Asian hate crime reports compared to general crime reports (80%) in New York City.

So 9/10 arrests are blacks or Latino. Wow!


Asian hate crime has risen substantially over the past 12 months and news agencies like CNN have done the their best to portray this as white supremacy at work.

The data seems to paint a darker picture on the nature of this crime.

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