Molly article incomplete

Schmee has pointed out my analysis of Leo Molloys article was incomplete, he writes….

It is not often I disagree with my fellow Authors but your views on HQ and its erstwhile trainee mayoral muppet appear to be reactionary and incomplete.

While I agree with the boycott of HQ and all things Leo Molloy, I would do it for a good reason like “I find his establishment derivative and soulless”, not because of his hypocrisy and flip flop on vaccinations, as that is where he shines as a political aspirant.

Lets recap, in the week ending 19 September he was all for not allowing unvaccinated people in his establishment at all.  Then in the week ending 26 September he is now silent on allowing in the unvaccinated, but is going to delineate his staff by making them wear different shirts, vaxxed and un-vaxxed. 

I assume then he plans to get the un-vaxxed to serve the un-vaxxed, who wont be there anyway, and the vaxxed to serve the vaxxed.  Or is he going to get the un-vaxxed and vaxxed to serve the vaxxed only.  Or is he going to allow everyone in and everyone will serve everyone, and the shirts are just futile and nothing more than pointless grandstanding.   

See he clearly has not thought this through before he opened his mouth, a perfect politician.

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