More climate obfuscation

For many so called “Climate Scientists” it becomes monkey see monkey do.

I once debated with a “climate scientist” who was a theoretical physicist. We were discussing the case of Dr Tim Ball who won a defamation case taken against him by Michael Mann.

Michael Mann is the creator of the infamous Hockey stick graph that has been discredited by many scientists as simply a way to arrive at a preconceived notion.

I was dumbfounded when this scientist that I was debating with, was of the belief that this hockey stick graph was good data.

It made me realise that a lot of the learning that happens in the field of climate, is based on the misinformation of rewritten history.

It’s not just rewriting of history that is the destroyer of good science. Ever increasing reliance on computer modelling is also problematic.

More and more data is not taken from the field, but is based on computer modelling.

Up to one third of previously active weather stations no longer provide physical climate data.

Rather than stopping using data from the abandoned stations, the data is modelled to what it may have been (based on the models “best guess”) this data is then added to the temperature records.

This is bad science being used to create an even worse understanding of our climate systems and then this data is used to teach the new breed of climate scientists.

These new scientists then only ever have career opportunities, if they tow the political line of pushing the climate crises.

Talk about a self fulfilling prophecy.

Here is an example of how our climate knowledge is fabricated.

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