More data showing vaccinated more at risk of hospitalisation and Death

This study is from the Manitoba Provence in Canada

The Provence has a population of 1.37 million people and the data has been taken from their respiratory surveillance report COVID-19.

The study has been conducted as it turns out the Canadian authorities have been fabricating the data to present a very false narrative in the outcomes of the unvaccinated.

An example of how bad it is can be seen from the admission from the Government of Alberta.

It turns out that all this time, the government has been ignoring all adverse events, including infections, hospitalizations and deaths, that occur within 14 days after injection – regardless of the number of doses. (Related: Alberta was also counting all diseases as “covid”.)

“In other words, anyone who was infected – was hospitalized – or even died, in the two weeks following their first, second, or even THIRD dose would be recorded as an unvaccinated case,”

Data here shows over half of the COVID-19 deaths have been added to the unvaccinated.

But back to the data from the Manitoba Province

The study has broken down the unvaccinated into those with zero jabs, one, two and three to get a better picture of outcomes.

Below is the outcomes based on this removal of people who had an adverse reaction or infection less than 14 days after any of the three jabs. It still doesn’t look that favourable to the vaccinated.

In an attempt to present the data in a more realistic light by removing this fraudulent reporting. The surveillance report produces the graph below.

The graph produced comes with the disclaimer that better data on the unvaccinated is required but either way the data has been greatly skewed to paint a picture that the unvaccinated are the ones having issues.

Based on our reporting in New Zealand being virtually non existent now. It makes you wonder what our genuine statistics would reveal about the deaths and hospitalisation vaccination status.

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