More dire predictions from our scientists.

Stuff providing us with more alarm.

A New Zealand and American study has claimed that respiration (plants eating the food they make from photosynthesis) increase to greater amounts than photosynthesis) plants making food from sunlight and CO2) at temperatures above 18 degrees.

This makes them CO2 producers rather than absorbing the gas which is claimed to be driving our climate.

This is interesting as it would mean some rather odd realities for the tropical rain forests.

The Amazon exists at 22 to 34 degrees which would mean that the Amazon is now producing more CO2?

The scientists hope others will comment on their findings to help validate the study.

I wonder if any will point out that plants can’t eat more food than they produce?

It will be interesting to see where this goes as it sounds like what the famous climate denier David Bellamy once claimed about the science in Global Warming, “popycock”

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