More Homeless

Labour now can get to work on all the things they did not include on their to do list when campaigning. Its probably quite a long list now they have total power.

We have the reintroduction of refugees.

Not content with increasing the emergency housing wait list by almost 400% over the past 3 years, labour are doubling down by the recent reintroduction of refugees. The first batch are currently serving their time in quarantine and will be ready in the coming week to be housed in those lovely new houses Labour keep telling us they have built. Meanwhile the 20,000 families wating for a home will be shunted down off the priority list while we help furnish a house for the “climate” refugee’s or whatever their status is.

They say charity starts at home, but that doesn’t help to continue elevating the international stardom of our supreme leader Ardern. So let’s just add more people to the homeless count as no one talks about the homeless anymore.

We also are releasing more people from jail as that is no place for criminals.

The 3 strikes law is soon to be gone and we can get back to the tag and release process Labour loves so much. Who cares about victims and the criminals can be added to the new priority housing

The press are more interested and concerned for the plight of a recidivist criminal getting a few more years for grabbing a female wardens arse, or as Little like to belittle it to – “a pat on the bum.”

No mention that the warden was so freaked out by the event she had to have time off work.

The 3 strike use here was for a man who in the space of 3 years was caught receiving stolen property and carrying a knife in public, then a year later for aggravated robbery and whilst serving in prison his 3rd strike was to forcefully grab a female warden by her arse and then try and prevent her from leaving. It was intimidation because he liked her. She was stressed out about the dangerous event and had to take time off.

Somehow the fact that this guy wasn’t learning the difference between right and wrong is lost and all we here about is a poor man getting seven years for a pat on the bum. Give me a break.

But its ok because half of the country want this government and all their failures. The 99.6% survivable flu and our isolation saved us from disaster. It certainly wasn’t Ardern and her lacklustre border control. If this government was in charge of Sweden’s response not only would the death tally be double, but their economy would be destroyed too.

But the voters have spoken. They have chosen kindness and personality of policy.

Who wants to move the terms from 3 years to 4? I think we keep it at 3 and be thankful it is only 3.

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