More preferential treatment and corruption to come

In March/April we are (specifically MIQ) to be inundated with female cricketers and the NZ Netball team is due to return from the UK.  Add this to the NZ Cricket teams and the All blacks in and outs over the last 18 months and you start to get why the average kiwi is getting pissed off.  

Add this to Lorde and DJ Fuck-Knuckle using the PM to get them in the cuntree and out of trouble and you start to get that this is truly about controlling the corruption using government and police oppression.

Why are we all not hounding government e-mails with a simple question? HOW?

Why are we as a nation not boycotting these sports?  

We know here at Planet B Media we are preaching to the sane and intelligent but get these questions out their guys!  

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