More scary data on vaccine fatalities and Social Media Corruption

The reporting linked above shows a spike in mortality 5 months post vaccine.

60% increase in all form mortality that coincides with the previous 5 months vaccinated e roll out.

They have found this is mirrored in the European data. It would be Interesting to see NZ data to see if we have the same 5 month spike.

Just more inconvenient correlations that no one will follow up on at the agencies tasked to explain these massive death rates.

Particularly when these agencies were more interested in silencing those who knew we were being wronged.

Here is a big expose on the control of the messaging.

Newly released internal emails from Facebook and Twitter show an extensive effort to coordinate with the Biden administration to censor users, according to a Thursday release of information by GOP Attorneys General Eric Schmitt of Missouri and Jeff Landry of Louisiana.


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