More scientists pour cold water on anthropogenic warming

“Dr. John L. Casey is the former White House space program adviser, consultant to NASA Headquarters, and space shuttle engineer. He is the President of Space and Science Research Centre”

“Dr John L Casey is one of America’s most successful climate change researchers and climate prediction experts. He is the leading advocate in the US for a national and international plan to prepare for the next climate change to one of a dangerous cold climate era. This new cold era is caused by a historic decline in the Sun’s energy output, what he calls a “solar hibernation.”
The ideas are encapsulated in Casey’s RC Theory of solar variability.”

Here is a presentation from 7 years ago. Ironically the globe warmed up and cooled off again between now and when this presentation was filmed.

Temperature record 1997 to 2015.

Record from 2015 to 2022 showing warming and subsequent cooling back to the 30 year average.

Whilst his predictions haven’t quite arrived, nor has the warming. We shall wait to see who gets it right from here as the prediction is very cool period in 2031.

Climate predictions are made on the assumption that the earth was in a state of equilibrium and the forcing of increased anthropogenic CO2 is the great imbalance that causes IPCC reports that warn us like the headline below.

The reality is the sun is not a static force. It goes through cycles like all the celestial entities. The image below shows the difference between a solar maximum and a solid minimum

The image above is from an article on whether our sun is going into a kind of hibernation state.

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