MSM Gets A Stern Talking To

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By Sarah Smith

Yesterday Patriot Mark Thompson and Mothers who stand for Freedom (Group) ✨💛 collaborated and hosted an event: Beyond Politics – Auckland.

This was a chance to discuss all the issues concerning the free thinkers of NZ and to build unity amongst groups.

There were a number of infiltrators and undercover agents sent to keep tabs on us.

The mainstream media also showed up in the form or David Farrier.

Being a professional journalist, his approach was very poorly managed.

He didn’t introduce himself, was recording on arrival and claimed to have only read the flyer & had not researched the event or the topics being discussed (which later on film he admitted to writing about).

It was a surprise to learn that, despite being described as an investigative journalist, he claimed not to have known about The Spin Offs defamatory article from the day before:

To ensure the safety of attendees, event organisers had arranged for security to be on-site as a result of the article, official complaints made to the Auckland Council and council recommendations.

Farrier argued that he wanted to learn and yet when you look at his blog it is clear that his angle is to ridicule anyone who touches on subjects labelled conspiratorial.

Further more, it was clear on his Twitter feed, that he and other MSM hacks are actively campaigning for the Auckland Council to shut down free thought events.

Had Farrier’s approach been genuine, interested, researched and open as opposed to smug and full of his misrepresentations of his own position then maybe my stance would have been different.

Half way through our interaction I decided to film it myself. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Please watch the recording & leave a comment below.

Here’s how it went down:

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