My Prediction was out by a month

I had been telling all my Global Alarmist friends that February of this year would be the coolest in a long time as we were cooling and we may even dip into negative territory as per the long term average based on the satellite data.

Alas I was wrong, February was cooler than the past 5 or 6 years but wasn’t as low as I had predicted – but in March it happened!

The global temperatures for March 2021 are -.01 of a degree C under the 30 year average.

As of March 2021 there has been no Global Warming for 30 years that hasn’t been cooled back down to the bassline average.

Technically we are still warmer as the 13 month running average is circa 0,29 degrees above the 30 year average but we are in a cooling period.

This clip made me laugh last year as all the signs were actually pointing that Trump was correct here. This is September 2020 where Trump tells some scoffing scientists that it will start getting cooler. check it out!

But here it is folks the temperature has dipped into the negative territory (based on the 30 year average from 1990 to 2020) lets see how many media outlets pick up on this great news. And no its not because of COVID-19. Atmospheric C02 has been heading north at the same rate as per pre COVID fossil fuel usage.

So what has caused this crazy reduction in temperature. I bet there will be some who blame global warming on this cooling, but it is not all that hard to work out.

La Nina is the current status of the el Nino southern Oscillation which is one of the global climate cycles. It is the cooler of the phases and the corresponding ocean temperature anomaly is -0.07 deg C, the coolest since 2013 which also had the temperature at the same 30 year average.

My prediction was more to do with the fact that the sun cycle is in the grand solar minimum and the effect this will be having.

Of course It could go shooting up again but I think we may be in for a bit of a cooler year. It could be even worse. The sun phase that started last year and that will run to 2053 has every chance of having a similar affect of the most recent grand solar minimum which occurred during Maunder Minimum (1645–1710), this led to a reduction of solar irradiance by 0.22% from the modern one and a decrease of the average terrestrial temperature by 1.0–1.5°C.

The current solar minimum is predicted to knock 1 degree C off temperatures and this could well be what Trump was telling his learned friends.

Right in time for the Climate Commission to unroll their economy killing restrictions.

Shame that they don’t follow the science and rather follow the calls from the politicians.

It was the coolest March for 8 years. If the reduction in

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