National still as irrelevant as ever

Latest poll figures show labour and Greens are popular enough to easily govern if an election was held right now.

Probably the worst option for the next election but very likely if National can’t get some of its support back

It’s obvious that rolling Bridges was futile and the move by Muller to roll him was more than likely the worst decision they could have made at a bad time to make it.

It has lead to a diminished pool of hopefuls who are all equally as inspiring as the hapless Labour Party at their same time in the past 2nd term in opposition, back in 2012.

There is an obvious dead man walking in Judith Colin’s who doesn’t have a chance of leading National to a victory at this rate.

Some are hoping Luxon will be the new John Key but that is showing a little more hope than foresight.

To topple Ardern there needs to be a combination of that person you could have a beer with, one to get some damn good financial advice off and one who rebels against the PC brigade to show some real right wing tendencies rather than labour lite. Not sure Luxon gets 1 of those 3 qualities that is needed.

Ardern will make it easier for someone to prevail as she increases in arrogance while showing all those that care to look past her facade, that she really is nothing more than endless slogans.

But thinking that National just need to sit out the Labour turn so they can have another go,will do nothing for National and only give the minor parties a big boost.

I doubt we know who the next potential National Prime Minister is at this stage, but at this rate we will be waiting till at least the end of 2026 to find out.

Here is the polls as they stand in March

Party Vote

  • Labour 45.5% (+0.5% from Feb))
  • National 23.0% (-6.0%)
  • Greens 12.0% (-1.5%
  • ACT 11.0% (+3.5%)
  • Maori 1.0% (nc)


  • Labour 59 (-6 from election)
  • National 30 (-3)
  • Greens 16 (+6)
  • ACT 14 (+4)
  • Maori 1 (-1)


  • Right 61.5% (-8%)
  • Wrong 26.0% (+6%)
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