NATO has a quiet word in China’s ear, while Zelensky bans all other political parties.

NATO has told China that as a country that is part of the UN Security Council, it has an obligation to not support a country who has invaded an independent nation.

China retorted by reminding the organisations that during the 78 days NATO bombed Belgrade, China will never forget the day that NATO bombed the Chinese consulate. China continued by asking NATO to reflect on its own contribution to peace.

There is a video that is viral in Russia and now going viral in China of Biden saying he was the one who pushed for the bombing of Yugoslavia.

Seems there is long memories in China but not so long in Europe with the chancellor of Germany telling Putin that we have never had a war in Europe like what is possibly about to happen in Ukraine.

Zelensky the Peacemaker?

Just how democratic is Ukraine after Zelensky won with a massive 73% of the vote in 2019?

Not very would be an understatement.

Zelensky has continued his one party stance by now “temporarily” banning all other political parties. 11 opposition parties have just been cancelled. This is whilst there is martial law in place but what was his excuse prior to the invasion?

Zelenski tried to convict his predecessor Petro Poroshenko of high treason for buying coal from the Donbass region when he went up in the polls, who would have thought buying coal from your own country was treason.

Another Ukrainian opposition leader, Viktor Medvedchuk was placed under arrest, allegedly for committing treason in dealings with Crimea. Just like Poroshenko, Medvedchuk’s Opposition Platform – For Life had polled ahead of Zelensky’s faction before he was prosecuted.

Zelensky is being recommended to receive the Nobel piece prize, even after nominations have closed. They actually want to reopen submissions so they can pop him in to receive the prize.

So here is a list of things to consider why perhaps Zelenski shouldn’t receive it, the following are over and above the aforementioned shinanagans.

Zelencky received both Russian and Ukrainian votes on the back of his push for peace. Upon his resounding election win the following occurred ,

  • Zelensky began traveling around the world in an attempt to get more weapons for Ukraine.
  • Zelensky encouraged militarization of society to be ready to fight Russia
  • mandated each region and each city with over 900,000 residents to form local defense brigades and setting the total headcount objective for this force at 130,000 people. This force is to be deployed outside combat areas, but the president may give it other assignments.
  • the number of ceasefire violations in the conflict zone went up considerably between February 1, 2021 and July 31, 2021, causing the death of 62 civilians.
  • 369% increase in the number of registered ceasefire violations. From February 1, 2021 to July 31, 2021, the OHCHR registered 27 cases of artillery damage to civil targets,
  • Didn’t keep his promise on reversing the language discrimination laws that saw the Russian language (and others) banned. Effectively making Russian newspapers illegal.
  • Through the National Security and Defense Council, he started to close TV channels and introduce sanctions against Ukrainian citizens, including journalists
  • dismissal and criminal prosecution of two judges of the Constitutional Court, jeopardizing the independence of the judiciary and rule of law in the country.

Prior to the invasion by Russia, Zelensky had gone from 73% of the vote, to polling at 23%. This is a huge fall and one driven by the fact that rather than being a peacemaker he turned into a warmonger.

He of course is just the puppet of the Oligarch Kolomoyskyi who is behind the installation of the previously popular comedian.

However in the eyes of the West he is the hero of Ukraine who will undoubtedly be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize by the West.

We now wait to see if China will soon to be faced with sanctions. That will be very interesting for countries like New Zealand who are rather indebted to China.

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