Nearly 1.6 billion disposable masks polluted oceans in 2020, will take 450 years to decompose

I was briefly discussing the concerns of the jab with a friend last night who is about to get his vaccination. He is of the opinion that the benefits of the jab out weighs the negatives and accused me of not understanding the bigger picture.

Personally I believe it is a few years too early to make that assessment in regards to what outweighs what.

Given the data that is coming out from areas such as Israel, the UK and the US. And the fact it took years to identify issues from vaccines such as the swine flu vaccine given to the most vulnerable in 2009. How did that work out again?

Also when one of the inventors of mRNA vaccines is delivering a stark warning on the Pfizer vaccine, you kind of wonder – but my brain might not be the right size.

The fact that natural immunity is always better than experimental treatments is lost on the fear of dying from Covid that has been so vehemently pushed through the media.

Also there is no way that we are being told the full data of the outcomes of the adverse reactions. This is somehow justified that our brains are too small to see the big picture.

I think we can see the big picture, and Covid is merely a small piece of that big picture, but I digress.

I actually wanted to write about face mask pollution.

Not withstanding the scientific studies continue to find the masks are of no use in preventing the spread of the virus. This hasn’t stopped the masks being forced on individuals to the degree of 52 billion of them being produced in 2020.

In a classic case of unintended consequences, 1.6 billion of these masks have ended up in the oceans according to a new report.

“The report, by the Hong Kong-based marine conservation group OceansAsia, title “Masks on the Beach,” also estimated that roughly 5,500 tons of plastic pollution entered the ocean in 2020 from masks.

The figure is equal to 7% of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a mass of plastic debris floating in the ocean that is twice the size of Texas.”

Full article below.

Just goes to show that this pandemic will go down in history as the worst managed crises ever.

Or it will be deemed the catalyst of the “Great Reset”

Most people are convinced the world is overpopulated and this is no accident.

So many times when I debate climate change realities with people, I get the following concession. “You are probably right about the climate, but the real problem is there are too many people on earth.“

This thought process is totally by design. We have been thought from a young age that we are the parasite on earth.

That we live in fear of the climate, food shortages and now viral out breaks, is from on going programming.

The irony of it all is like a sheep wondering over to sniff the farmers gun. People haven’t put two and two together, that eventually it is the working class that is to be culled.

It’s like explaining to that sheep as she sniffs the gun, that there are too many sheep in the paddock and something is about to be done about the problem.

The human sheep would think the farmer invited her over to discuss how to resolve the problem. That is the level of our intelligence.

When the ruling elite and super powerful are also those that believe the population of the globe should be 500,000,000 and not 7 billion and growing, what do you think their agenda really is?

But now we are told “fuck you, you going to do what they tell you“

The modern day rebel is fighting the cause for the man. They tell us to trust the Government, trust the corporations, big Pharma and racist movements.

Wear your mask, get down on one knee and apologise for the colour of your skin – or else!

We are soon going to be surrounded by non binary, easily offended, guilt raged social justice warriors who are more concerned about creating an acceptable image of themselves regardless of any of the harmful physical manifestations that the idiocy they believe in will create.

Or they grow up like we did.

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