New levels of corruption in the U.S.

Biden’s DOJ has shifted gear right into full Gestapo mode.

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas was raided by the FBI on the back of receiving a diary of Joe Biden’s daughter.

The diary was apparently stolen and the people who had possession of Ashley Biden’s personal book claimed it had been left in a hotel room and were busy farming out the personal documents to the highest bidders.

Project Veritas could not confirm the legitimacy of the document and notified the authorities of the document without publishing anything of the diary book.

In what can only be spite fueled corruption, not only did the FBI raid several current and ex Veritas journalists including James O’Keefe, they took O’Keefe’s phone and have started leaking personal info to the New York Times.

This is beyond what you would expect from the state governments police in a first world country.

The raids were bad enough, given the realities of the supposed crime being a stolen diary. Yes it was the presidents daughter but FBI midnight raids, the taking of highly confidential material and then leaking these private possessions to the very paper that Veritas is about to have a big legal battles is the glaring sign that the FBI is Biden’s Gestapo.

It has been moving this way for some time with the events that occurred on January 6 and other dirty plays against Trump.

This brazen message to opposition Journalists is the strongest message yet to all who say disparaging things about Biden’s government an expect to be paid a visit by state run gangster style police.

Good cops are quitting the various forces in the U.S. and are likely being replaced by easier corrupted individuals which, given the toxic environment with movements like defund the police, seems to be the greater plan of even more corrupt government officials.

Where this ends who knows, how many judges, FBI bosses and agents are working for whichever dark forces who are pulling the strings.

O’Keefe has ways of trying to expose and remedy this breech of private information but will he just be met with more corruption.

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