New police unit will target abusive retail customers

Now we have a special NZ Police unit to carry out and enforce blatant Human Right violations. You heard that right!

In doing so have set out to blame the targeted victims of these crimes. NZ Police officers will put on uniforms with the direct intention to violate Human Rights. Fact. Already displayed in the propaganda press release that is intentionally undermining and demeaning their intended victims.

Yes to be very clear, im also drawing a parallel with their Tyrant master Jacinda Ardern and the Actions of Hitler in segregation . Hate crimes, denial of fundamental rights that no man, rulers, or Court can override, nor can any law be created to override.

Their role is to act with prejudice, discriminate, violate and enforce and carry out Human Rights violation. Any police officer participating in this, even if claiming to follow order is a Nazi SS type criminal and that’s who they must be seen and treated.

Yes the intention is to act against those not carrying

The Mark of the Beast Trading symbol.

Police Commissioner Andrew Coster announced a new taskforce focused on retail crime (File Photo)
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