New Zealand now has highest death rate per million from COVID-19

But Ardern Saved us?

Of course she did! it was nothing to do with the fact we are a million miles from the rest of the world and all we did is delay the inevitable  due to geographical isolation and becoming the Hermit Village.

We of course predicted this eventuality while copping slack for rubbishing the lockdowns. If I had a dollar for every person who said that no business being saved is more important than a life, I would have a collection of coins from those that easily buy the narrative from politicians.

And Ardern soared in popularity with Bloomfield as the national hero’s

Now the deaths are ignored by all those who said we were evil for condemning lockdowns.

Things Ardern did that “saved” us

Mandated vaccines

Barred the unvaccinated from going out

Locked down Auckland over one infection

2 jabs for summer

Get your Booster

Funded a disinformation department from PM’s office fund

Told us that the virus would find the unvaccinated

Said she won’t sleep until we all comply to the jabs.

Did a little dance

Feel free to add more….

All so we can now lead the world in Death rates, well done team of 5,000,000, oops 4,998,075

Can’t wait for them to blame it on Masks or the lack of them being worn.

Funny how now the death rate has soared to us being worst in the world, they decide to be more honest about the real cause of death to slash 33% of the death rate.


Still here is the current deaths per million with countries we like to compare ourselves to, eh Ardern?

Thanks for saving Us Ardern!

I did this graph below adding just about every hot spot country for COVID deaths and NZ still leads the way


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